Detention period of MEBYA-DER members extended

The detention period of the MEBYA-DER members in custody in Amed has been extended by four days. For some of those affected, the measure comes into force for the second time.

The police custody of the members of the Kurdish solidarity association MEBYA-DER who were detained in Amed (Diyarbakir) on terror charges has been extended by four days. This is the second time the measure has come into effect for those affected, who were detained in the first raid against the association on Feb. 27. Other activists of MEBYA-DER have been in police custody since last Wednesday. The Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in Diyarbakir justifies the extension of the detention period with not yet completed investigations.

MEBYA-DER is an association that takes care of the relatives of those who died in the Kurdish liberation struggle. So far, 29 people have been detained as part of the investigation against the organization, including the co-chairs Şeyhmus Karadağ and Yüksel Almas. Seven members of MEBYA-DER have been jailed for alleged membership in a terrorist organization while three people have been released on condition of judicial control.

According to the lawyers of the persons still in custody, the detention period was probably prolonged because some of the persons concerned exercised their right to remain silent. Several detainees reported that they had nevertheless been pressured by the police to make statements during questioning.