Detention period extended for 48 people in custody in “Kobanê Investigation”

A court in Ankara has extended the detention of 48 people on remand for four days as part of the "Kobanê Investigation".

On April 12, detention warrants were issued for 91 people in 13 cities, notably in Amed, Van, Adana, Istanbul and Urfa as part of the "Kobanê Investigation" launched by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. 48 people were detained in a large-scale operation carried out the same day.

The detainees have been held at the Ankara Security Directorate for 4 days. Police attempted to transfer the detainees to the prosecutor's office in the morning, handcuffed behind the back. When the detainees reacted to rear-handcuffing, normal handcuffs were used, and they were taken to the prosecutor's office. The Prosecutor's Office requested the extension of the detention of 48 people and the Criminal Court of Peace decided to extend their detention period for four days.  The 48 detainees were then taken back to the police station.