Demonstration in Bielefeld: No attack on our existence

In Bielefeld, a colourful and expressive demonstration of the Kurdish youth movement took place under the motto "No attack on our existence: stop the Turkish war all over Kurdistan".

The Kurdish youth organisations JCA and TCŞ demonstrated in Bielefeld city of Germany under the motto "No attack on our existence: stop the Turkish war in all of Kurdistan". According to the organizers, the action was staged in protest at the Turkish aggressions and war crimes throughout Kurdistan. The main focus was on Turkey's targeted attacks on the Kurdish self-administration structures, the role of Abdullah Öcalan and Turkey's ideological war against the social alternative of democratic confederalism. The participants carried colorful posters with demands and calls that attracted a lot of attention in downtown Bielefeld.

"It is not for nothing that Maxmur in Southern Kurdistan and Rojava, i.e. Western Kurdistan, as places of practical implementation of Democratic Confederalism, are massively under fire from Turkey together with its jihadist allies, European aid and the military participation of the KDP. Moreover, Turkey continues to wage its war of annihilation against the HDP, with arrests and detentions occurring almost daily. Tens of thousands of political prisoners are behind Turkish bars and are exposed to even greater health risks than usual during the Coronavirus pandemic," explained one of the organisers.

The demonstration, in which FFF, Antifa, Left Youth and Ende Gelände participated in solidarity, began at 2.30 pm at Bielefeld's main station and continued through the city centre with an interim rally at Jahnplatz to the town hall. There the demonstration ended at 4 pm with a final rally and Kurdish dance govend.