Demonstration against Turkish war of invasion in Nuremberg

In Nuremberg today more than a thousand people have taken to the streets to protest against the Turkish war of invasion in northern Syria and to demand sanctions against Turkey.

Accompanied by a large police force, about 1,250 people marhed through the city center in Nuremberg today. The German ban on symbols was broken today with numerous YPG/YPJ flags displayed by the demonstrators who protested against the Turkish invasion of northern Syria. Flyers handed out to to passers-by explained what is at stake in Rojava and what is being defended against the Turkish-Jihadi aggression.

In addition to Kurds from all over Bavaria, numerous German and internationalist people joined the protest. Among others, Erkan Dinar, Councilor of Weissenburg and candidate of the Left List for the local elections, gave a rousing speech in which he highlighted the anti-fascist struggle that unites the movements.