Demo against Turkish invasion of northern Syria in Madrid

Kurds and their friends continue taking to the streets in protest at the Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria.

Today, at 12:00 hours, several hundreds of people met at Tirso de Molina square, Madrid centre, to denounce the invasion of northern Syria by the Turkish state and its jihadists allies.

With large display of YPG and YPJ flags, and banners in support of Rojava, slogans were shouted in support of Rojava and against the president Erdogan and Turkey.

The rally began with the reading of a communiqué from the Friendship Association with Kurdistan, which was followed by a minute of silence for the martyrs in the fight against ISIS. Then, it was read several communiqués: from Rojava Azadi Madrid -collective organizer of the event - and CNT and CGT unions. In addition, a girl read a text advocating peace for children in northern Syria.

Internationalists and the women of Jinwar were present through the reading of their own communiqués. The HDP representative for Europe thanked the Kurdish people for their support and explained the situation of the Kurdish people repression in Bakur and Turkey in general.

Attendees were summoned to attend a new rally next Tuesday 15, at 17:00 hours, in front of the Embassy of Turkey in Madrid, and insisted on the need to maintain the fight and denunciations against the Turkish invasion.