DEM Party to organize 'Democracy and Freedom Rally' on Sunday 25 February

The DEM Party will organize a 'Democracy and Freedom Rally' on Sunday 25 February.

A press conference to present the rally that will be organized by the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Istanbul Provincial Organization on 25 February. The rally will be held in Esenyurt Square to support the 'Great Freedom March' that took place between 1 and 15 February to demand freedom for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a political solution to the Kurdish question.

Many representatives of civic society organizations attended the meeting held at the DEM Party Istanbul Provincial Organization building.

Importance of the Great Freedom March

DEM Party Istanbul Provincial co-chair Gonca Yangöz said that the crisis faced by the planet today is related to the attempt to redesign the world under the leadership of capitalist modernity. She pointed out that such an attempt is a "social destruction" project for Kurdistan and Turkey and that the regional representatives of the project are the AKP-MHP government. Yangöz added: "The AKP-MHP alliance is fighting against all dynamics of society with fascist policies. The most basic human rights and freedoms have been violated, and a state of social crisis has been created by wrong economic and political policies. The aim is to isolate a different social truth."

Yangöz underlined the importance of the Great Freedom March and said that "it was carried out to break the isolation policy imposed on the whole society in the person of Kurdish People's Leader Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. The march has achieved its purpose and increased social sensitivity."

Call to attend the rally on 25 February in Istanbul

Yangöz said: "As defenders of the Third Way, we will speak to our people and turn the next local election campaign into a social struggle. We call on everyone to attend the Democracy and Freedom Rally to be held in Esenyurt Square on 25 February."