DİTİB chief inspector replaces MİT's mole in the Wiesbaden police

DİTİB member Şuayip Bilir has been appointed in the post of Döndü Yazgan in the “Harmony Police” desk in the Wiesbaden Police.

Turkish-German Chief Inspector Döndü Yazgan was serving as “harmony police” in the Wiesbaden Police when her ties with the Turkish intelligence agency MİT were exposed. She has since been removed from office, and another Turkish-German Chief Inspector whose close ties with the DİTİB stand out has been appointed in her place.

The MİT has set up an espionage network in Germany mainly through the Turkish Religious Affairs’ European institution DİTİB, Turkish consulates, shell companies and Turkish banks to infiltrate the German police and gather intelligence on Turks and Kurds.

The Turkish-German Chief Inspector Döndü Yazgan was serving in the “harmony police” desk in Wiesbaden, Hessen when her ties with the Turkish intelligence agency MİT were exposed and her name was unearthed by the ANF. She had been placed in the German police for this mission.


Following the ANF article, news website Telepolis pointed out that Yazgan was able to access information on Turkish and Kurdish immigrants who live in Germany due to her work with the “harmony police”. The German language website wrote that Yazgan transferred the information she gathered via various methods, through the Frankfurt and Mainz consulates, either to the MİT unit in Germany or to Turkish police directly.

According to information given to the ANF by sources close to the Hessen State Police, Döndü Yazgan was stripped of her ranks after the investigation on her was launched. The officials in Hessen didn’t provide any information on Yazgan but she is reportedly working as a low-ranking police officer now. When asked, “Could Yazgan still transfer information to Turkish intelligence?” the same sources said: “She can no longer access any information on Kurds or Turks living in Germany.”


Websites close to the AKP claimed Turkish-German Chief Inspector Döndü Yazgan had been offered to be investigated and reinstated following a security investigation in return for “presenting documents to absolve herself.”

But it is now interesting that another Turkish-German police officer has been appointed to the position Yazgan held before her ties to the MİT were exposed. Chief Inspector Şuayip Bilir has been appointed to the “harmony police” desk in the Wiesbaden Police. Bilir had been serving in the crime prevention unit in the Western Hessen Police until a month ago.

Bilir had spoken to Erdoğan government mouthpiece Sabah newspaper on February 4, 2017 and said the following on the criticisms to the AKP institution in Germany Religious Affairs Turkish-Islamic Union (DİTİB) that acts as a branch of the MİT:

“We are in contact with religious institutions and associations that are active in our region in particular and we come together with their representatives to assess the current events. We have no issues with any associations.”


The fact that many “harmony police” chiefs serving in almost all provinces in the Hessen state, like Wiesbaden, are of Turkish origin stands out. According to the ANF’s research, in many provinces like Frankfurt, Kassel, Offenbach and Hanau, there are several Turkish-German chief inspectors working as “harmony police”.

These chief inspectors are responsible for immigrants, but don’t work with any group other than the Turks. Like Yazgan, their close ties with DİTİB and UETD, both AKP institutions in Germany, stand out.