Court reverts decision to ban Correa from running for president

A judge of the Contentious Electoral Tribunal has reversed the decision of the National Electoral Council to disqualify the coalition led by the former Ecuador President Raffael Correa.

The judge of the Electoral Contentious Tribunal (ECT) of Ecuador, Fernando Muñoz, reverted the precautionary measures of suspension against the movement Force Social Commitment (FSC-Fuerza Compromiso Social) led by former president Rafael Correa.

The resolution comes out after two weeks of harsh public condemnation and only one week before the start of the primary elections. It also benefits three other political organizations: We Can (Podemos), Freedom is People (Libertad es Pueblo), and Social Justice (Justicia Social), disqualified by the National Electoral Council (NEC) on July 19.

The electoral body claimed that the parties were registered irregularly, saying they didn't collect 1.5 percent of the signatures on the electoral roll. And for that reason, asked for them removed from the electoral roll.

Judge Fernando Muñoz overturned the NEC's decision to suspend the political movements considering that it was "not express, clear, complete, legitimate and logical." It was based on a report whose reasoning '' does not have outstanding support nor the logical connection with the facts."