Children of Fire Initiative claims responsibility for actions in Bursa, Istanbul and Kocaeli

The Children of Fire Initiative said that they set fire to a cargo ship, three companies, a tire shop and four vehicles in Bursa, Istanbul and Kocaeli.

The Children of Fire Initiative said that they will not remain silent against the attacks targeting Kurds and added that they will continue to act against every massacre and plunder in Kurdistan.

The Children of Fire Initiative issued the following statement detailing the actions they carried out:

“On November 29, DECO STİL Armchair, VENE Furniture and MERİÇ Furniture companies, which support the economy of fascism in Bursa's İnegöl district, were burned and suffered a loss of 50 million Turkish Lira.

On November 29, a tire shop belonging to an AKP member was burned in the Kartepe district of Kocaeli.

On November 28, a minibus belonging to an MHP member was burned in Bursa.

On November 28, 2 vehicles belonging to Kurdish enemies were rendered unusable in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul.

On 27 November, the T-MARE cargo ship in the Torgem Shipyard belonging to AKP members in Tuzla, Istanbul was burned.

On 27 November, a car belonging to an AKP member was set on fire in the Darica district of Kocaeli.”