CDK-S calls on people to protest Treaty of Lausanne anniversary

CDK-S called for participation in the protests planned for 23-24 July, the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, which divided Kurdistan into 4 parts.

The Swiss Democratic Kurdish Society (CDK-S) issued a written statement on the 97th anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty, which resulted in Kurdistan being divided into 4 parts.

The statement said that there will be protests in front of the building where the treaty was signed on 23-24 July 1923 and called for participation in the actions.

The statement, which emphasized that the Treaty of Lausanne caused massacre and persecution for nearly 100 years, added: "The AKP government continues this massacre and persecution in the 21st century. The AKP is using religion and dirty policies as a continuation of the Lausanne Treaty on Friday, 24 July with the decision on Hagia Sophia. It’s no coincidence that the government has chosen this date, the 97th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne.

The statement continued: “The Turkish state's invasions and attacks still continue. The Kurdish people have never accepted and won’t accept slavery. This year, as every year, meetings and marches will be held to condemn the Treaty of Lausanne on 23-24 July. We invite Kurdish politicians, intellectuals and Kurdish friends from all over Switzerland and Europe, as well as Kurdish parties and forces, to Geneva and Lausanne. Just as Erdogan and his collaborators will be in Hagia Sophia on 24 July, we will be in front of the building where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed."