Campaign Group condemns attack against Kurds in Strasbourg

The ‘Freedom Will Prevail, Take Action for Öcalan Campaign Group’ strongly condemned the attack by the French police on the protesters in Strasbourg and the Strasbourg Governorship, which ordered the attack.

The ‘Freedom Will Prevail, Take Action for Öcalan Campaign Group said in a written statement that they condemned both the Strasbourg Governorship that gave the order and the French police that attacked protesters on Saturday.

The statement said: "Our campaign will put pressure until securing the implementation of the decisions by international organizations, especially the Council of Europe. Our struggle for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan will also increase."

The Campaign Group's statement added: "The isolation of our Leader has been going on for 22 years. Since the first year of the International Conspiracy, our people have been resisting with their actions everywhere to ensure the freedom of their Leader and to lift the isolation imposed on him. Undoubtedly, our people take the leaven of resistance from Leader Öcalan."

The statement continued: "Although Imrali Island is a place affiliated to the Turkish state, it has been transformed into an area of ​​international lawlessness. The duty given to the Turkish state is of ‘guardian’. The 23-year resistance of Leader Öcalan and our people has exposed all these forces, which are the planners and implementers of the Imrali regime.

In this context, the events that took place after the rally we held in front of the European Council in Strasbourg on 2 October showed the role of the French state in the Imrali regime."

The statement added: "We condemn this brutal and unlawful attack on our people and our friends in Strasbourg, and salute the determined and wilful resistance of our people.

Our ‘Freedom Will Prevail - Take Action for Öcalan’ campaign will continue with broader and more comprehensive actions in the upcoming period. Our campaign will raise the struggle for the implementation of the decisions of international organizations, especially the Council of Europe, and for the physical freedom of our Leader by removing isolation."