Call for a boycott of Turkish goods and tourism for Afrin

A newly founded support group for Afrin called for boycott of Turkish goods and tourism to protest Turkey’s invasion attack on Afrin.

Afrin Solidarity Platform launched a campaign to cut “the economic and political resources to the AKP-MHP fascism” and called for boycott of Turkish goods and tourism.

The platform said that the income that’s generated by selling of goods especially in European markets are used to finance the genocide against Kurds and called the boycott as a national duty for all Kurds.

“We need to make millions of Europeans, Kurds, Turks and democrats boycott all Turkish goods. We need to launch a campaign that will constrain not only the Turkish state and companies but also their international partners” the platform’s statement read.

The Platform also called for a tourism boycott against Turkey and said “We know that every cent that’s spent by the Europeans are being used on weapons and ammunition which are used against Turkey”.