Buldan at HDP Congress in Batman: We are ready for elections

The congress of the HDP provincial association took place in Batman with a large turnout. Hüriyet Kaytar and Hüseyin Sarik were elected to the dual leadership of the association. HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan said that her party was ready for new elections.


The fourth congress of the provincial association of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) took place in Batman on Sunday. Even before the start, thousands of people gathered in front of the event hall. There was dancing in a boisterous mood, with those present shouting: "Bijî berxwedana HDP'ê!" (Long live the resistance of the HDP).

Banners reading "We are the HDP, we are everywhere, now is HDP time" and "Organise, defeat fascism, break isolation" and pictures of Garibe Gezer, Aysel Tuğluk and Sakine Cansız were hung on the walls of the conference hall.

Representatives of the Free Women's Movement (TJA) and the Peace Mothers' Initiative as well as politicians from the CHP, the Future Party and the Democratic Party took part in the congress as guests. The programme began with a minute of silence and the election of the congress leadership.

The co-chairs of the provincial association, Fatma Ablay and Ömer Kulpu, gave a welcoming speech. Afterwards, HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan took the floor and gave a combative speech in which she declared that her party was ready for new elections. Those who try to criminalise the HDP on a daily basis and claim that the party is finished should take a look at the mood at the congress. Buldan said: "You should come to Batman and see this crowd. We get our strength, our will, our determination and our uprightness from the people of Batman."

Pervin Buldan referred to the banning of the HDP and the show trial in the so-called Kobanê trial, as well as the murder of Deniz Poyraz and the numerous attacks on HDP associations, saying: "We are aware that these attacks are taking place because we are getting bigger and stronger. We are not afraid and we are not bowing down."

The HDP Co-Chair pointed out that the AKP and its small coalition partner, the MHP, must finally realise that their story is at an end: "The 83 million people in this country know that there is no justice, no democracy, no freedom and no legal system. Instead there is corruption, exploitation, theft and a lying government."

Hüriyet Kaytar and Hüseyin Sarik were elected as the new provincial federation chairpersons.