British police attack crowd protesting Turkish state's invasion attacks

British police attacked the crowd protesting the Turkish state's invasion attacks on Medya Defense Areas in London.

Hundreds of people in London gathered in front of the Wood Green Library to protest the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state. The demonstration was organised by the Kurdish People's Assembly and the British Revolutionary Youth Movement (TCŞ).

GİK-DER, Partizan and United Revolution Movement components and a group of internationalists participated in the action.

Slogans such as "Down with Turkish fascism", "Down with betrayal", "Bijî berxwedana gerila", "Kurdistan will be a graveyard for fascism" were chanted by activists.

Ercan Akbal and Yalçın Tetwan from the Kurdish People's Assembly, KCDK-Bashur Representative Heval Şiwan and Viyan Silemani on behalf of the TCŞ addressed the crowd. They said: “The genocidal vile Turkish fascism will never succeed. If the KDP thinks they will get results with the line of betrayal, they will be proved wrong in the mountains of Kurdistan. The PKK is the hope of these people. The KDP, which is on the line of betrayal against the Kurdish people, will take its place in the dirty pages of history together with this fascist regime.

Police attacked the march

After the speeches, the crowd marched towards Finsbury Park. While the people were marching, a group of fascists made a provocation at Turnpike Line.

When the mass reached Haringey, the police tried to stop the Kurdish youths and eventually attacked the crowd. While many people had their share of police violence in the events, 5 people, including Yeni Özgür Politics employee Renan Gündoğdu, were detained. After the arrests, the mass closed the road to traffic.