Berlin vigil in solidarity with hunger strikes in prisons on day 3

A vigil was initiated on January 11 at Alexanderplatz in Berlin with the call of the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) for solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike against isolation and rights violations in Imrali and other prisons

The vigil launched in Berlin, Germany to show solidarity with the indefinite and alternating hunger strike in Turkey's prisons continues on its third day.

In a speech given on the third day of the vigil, KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) executive member Mecit Haso said "Our friends are on hunger strike in Turkey and Kurdistan and we are here to support them.”

Haso continued: “We, gathered around an ideology, are working to practice in every field of life and to spread the ideology to the whole world. We will never accept the isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who always favours and advocates peace in every field".

Haso reminded of the persecution and massacres suffered by the Kurds throughout the history and added: “We are always in the field against the isolation and annihilation policies implemented by the Erdogan regime. We will continue the solidarity vigil here.”

Artist Hozan Aydın, who participated in the protest, greeted the political prisoners and emphasized that they stand in solidarity with the prison resistance.

Speaking on behalf of FED-KURD, Mehtap Erol stated that millions of people wanted the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan to end, saying, "We will be in the streets until the isolation ends."

The third day of the action ended with dances.