Bayik: Afrin revealed real faces of international powers

Co-chair of KCK’s Executive Council Cemil Bayık accused the international powers of hypocrisy and said that the resistance in Afrin revealed real faces of US, Russia, European Union and United Nations. 

In an interview with daily Yeni Ozgur Politika, Cemil Bayik praised the will of people of Afrin against the invaders and said: “The people of Afrin rely only on their own power. They have no military or political support of any foreign power. The sons and daughters of Afrin are showing a historic resistance. If the second largest army of NATO didn’t reach its objectives after two months, while claiming that it will capture Afrin in three days, it means a big defeat for them.”

According to Bayik, Erdogan’s regime hides the military casualties from the public so there will be no reaction against the operation on Afrin. 

“They are hiding the number of soldiers killed in Afrin. For them it’s not important how many gang members have been killed anyway. There is a war in Afrin but apart from that there is a psychological warfare” Bayik said. 

Bayik criticized the western world and said that the resistance in Afrin revealed the real faces of international powers. Citing the silence of United States, United Nations and Europen Union Bayik accused them with hypocrisy and added: “The resistance in Afrin unmasked them all”. 

On Russia’s policies during the Afrin crisis, Bayik said that Moscow burned the bridges with Kurdish people. “Russia showed that they have no morality in politics with their stance during the Afrin crisis. However, there were Russian observation points. They had their unit, their forces there. But as seen during the invasion of Afrin, it turned out that Russia has a pragmatic approach, which cannot be accepted by Kurdish people.” Bayik added. 

On US’ stance, Bayik accused Washington of turning a blind eye on the invasion and criticized European Union’s policies.