Bakırhan: DEM Party has determined the election results and the course of the future in Turkey

DEM Party Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan said that they would take organisation and expansion as a basis in the new period and added: "DEM Party has determined the election results in Turkey and the course of the future."

Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan spoke at the opening of the Party Assembly (PM) meeting convened to evaluate the election results and determine the line of struggle for the coming period.

Bakırhan stated that they will evaluate the election results and the political process in the two-day PM meeting and referred to the 31 March local elections and stated that the elections were a new light and a new path for the peoples, workers, youth, women and Kurds.

Bakırhan continued: "The Kurdish people claimed their will on 31 March. They sent the trustee mentality and trustees away, voted for their party and stood by their party. The people of the region said no to rent, destruction and plunder. Against all kinds of schemes, lies and bribery, they came together under the roof of the DEM Party and won the municipalities again.

In the West, the oppressed, workers, women and youth have also had a say in local administrations under the DEM Party. This is very valuable and meaningful. We said at the beginning of the elections that we would win the municipalities ruled by trustees in the region. We stated that we would send the trustees away and that their will would be reflected in the governance wherever our peoples live in the west. Both of our strategies came to life successfully.”

Bakırhan pointed out that: “The DEM Party has determined the election results and the future course in Turkey. The will of Kars, Şırnak, Bitlis and many districts and towns were usurped with fraudulent voters. In fact, Kars, Bitlis and Şırnak won. Those who stole the will of Kars, Şırnak and Iğdır with illegal voters lost. We send our greetings and love to our people living in all provinces and districts in Kars, Iğdır and Şırnak. Do not worry, you did not lose, they usurped your will that you had won.”

DEM Party Co-Chair concluded: “Rest assured; we will work stronger there. We will organise stronger. In the coming elections, we will send the thieves back to the cities that were usurped with these illegal voters, and we will bring the will of our peoples back to the administration. We realised that we had mistakes and shortcomings in the places we lost. Of course, we will celebrate our success, but we are not holding these meetings to celebrate our success, but to discuss the reasons for our deficiencies, inadequacies and losses in the elections and to make efforts to eliminate them. Yes, there is an achievement, but this achievement belongs to our peoples, the deficiencies and inadequacies are ours. We come from such a tradition. With these meetings, we will identify these deficiencies and inadequacies and work to eliminate them."