Armed attack on HDP Izmir Headquarters kills a party member

The building of the Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) İzmir Headquarters was raided and set on fire by ‘unidentified people’.

Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) tweeted that the Izmir Headquarters was raided and set on fire.

In a statement, the HDP said, “An armed attack was carried out targeting our İzmir Provincial Building at around 10:30 this morning. Our party has been targeted by the ruling party and the Ministry of Interior for months, and some families have been directed to our provincial buildings for provocation.”


The HDP said that the attacker is 35-40 years old and raided the building while party member Deniz Poyraz was inside.

“The attacker, who opened fire and set the building on fire, was not intervened for a long time. Our party member, our comrade Deniz Poyraz, was killed during the attack,” the statement said.

People began to gather in front of the Konak District building after the attack was reported.


The HDP recalled the provocation during the Kobanê Trial in Sincan on 16 June. The party noted that this attack is a result of this provocation.

“The purpose and message of this attack is clear. Those who carried out this very dangerous provocation, the instigators of the incident are the government that targets our party and our provincial organizations, and the Ministry of Interior that directs the provocateurs,” the HDP said.