Arnott: Abdulah Öcalan is the key to peace

The Scottish Trade Union Confederation, representing more than half a million workers in Britain, decided to expand the fight for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdulah Öcalan at its 2024 general congress.

Mike Arnott, President of the Scottish Trade Union Confederation, spoke about the decisions taken at the congress to put pressure on both the British and Turkish states on the issue of Britain's arms sales to Turkey and a political solution to the Kurdish problem.

Arnott said that they called on the Turkish state and the British government to ensure the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and to take some steps, and added: "In addition, they called on the British government to initiate diplomatic initiatives in NATO, to stop their arms sales to Turkey, and also to protect the Kurdish people. We also demanded that they take action to immediately stop the bombing of their regions. We have prioritized our decisions to stop the attacks on Kurdish regions in Northern and Eastern Syria and to ensure that the British government puts pressure on Turkey to release Abdullah Öcalan."

Arnott said that they will write a special letter to the British Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Turkish Embassy regarding the release of Abdullah Öcalan, and added: "Abdullah Öcalan, who has been held captive for 25 years and has not heard from him for the last 3 years, became the main topic for 300 delegates representing more than half a million workers. We also discussed the issue of the repeated denial of lawyers and family visits by the Turkish authorities. While making our final declaration and decisions, none of the delegates opposed the motion and voted for it."

Arnott said: "We are already working for Öcalan's freedom, because he is the person who can bring about peace, but these important congress decisions will enable us to put even heavier pressure on the states."