Ahmet Türk: We have a rightful cause and will continue our struggle

“Do not lose your hope. The struggle for democracy and free future cannot be waged without paying a price. We will continue our struggle”, said jailed Co-mayor of Mardin, Ahmet Türk.

Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayor Ahmet Türk has sent a message from Silivri Prison where he is jailed.

Türk said he is in good morale and Van Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayor Bekir Kaya who is kept in the same ward shoulders all his burden as well.

Türk remarked that their imprisonment was a political decision and did not have any concrete basis, saying that it had been determined even before their arrest in which prisons they would be sent and with which plane at what time they would be taken to prison.

Calling attention to the presence of a state mentality that tries to suppress the Kurds and the society, Türk said the followings:

“This mindset targets not only Kurds but also everyone that wants freedom and democracy and objects to the policies of the state. This attitude and sense will lead the country to a disaster. The state is building anger and grudge with the policy it pursues, and making the Kurds a target for the nationalist circles. I consider this situation as a danger for the future. This policy has no benefits for anyone. There exists a need for a process that will ease Turkey. The society is tensed and imposed a shock. This process needs a normalization. An opportunity must be created to relieve the society of this shock. It is difficult to speak of peace in such a tense process but normalization requires some time for the formation of a ground for peace afterwards. And, this requires a strong political stance.

Ours is a struggle for honour and humanity. We politicians struggle for not only Kurds but for everyone that demands democracy and freedom. We are the brother of the Turkish people, not their enemy. All the peoples in this geography need each other. For this reason, a policy based on fraternity and peace will help everyone win. We can obtain no results by killing each other."

Türk underlined that everyone is facing with state repression, and that the imprisonment of himself, a politician known to be siding with peace, is based on an intention.

"By arresting me, the state gave this message to the society 'We can arrest the most reasonable ones siding with peace among you'. The situation is grave but we have no choice other than peace and dialogue. We have to live together."

Ahmet Türk voiced sadness over the mass dismissal of workers from municipalities to which trustees have been appointed, and sent his greetings to all these workers and their families.

Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayor lastly said the followings: “I am sending greetings to our people and friends. Do not lose your hope. We know that the struggle for democracy and free future cannot be waged without paying a price. We have a rightful cause and this is a conscientious and moral struggle which we will therefore keep going.”