Activists protest Turkish racism and fascism in France

Activists in Europe protest the killing of Barış Çakan who was stabbed to death for listening to Kurdish music in Ankara.

The murder of Barış Çakan, a young man stabbed to death for listening to Kurdish songs in Ankara and the fascist attacks of the Turkish police were protested in Paris and Toulouse.


Kurdish activists in St Dennis, Paris, carried photos of Barış Çakan and said that this murder was political, and that an attempt was made to cover it up. Activists called on people to join the protest and demand the end of the attacks on Kurds.

Speakers at the action drew attention to the fact that Barış Çakan was a young Kurdish man and because of that and because he was listening to Kurdish music he was killed. “This is the result of the colonial policy and mind-set of the Turkish state”, said activists.


Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger activists in Toulouse also protested the policies of the AKP-MHP fascist government that fostered racism and fascism against the Kurdish people.

The activists reminded that Turkish police officers tortured a Kurdish teenager in custody in Amed and brutally murdered Barış Çakan in Ankara because he listened to Kurdish songs.

Young people gathered in the city centre of Toulouse and started to march behind a banner with Turkish president Erdogan's photo and the words "Banning, poisoning, killing".