Activists in Saarbrücken and Den Haag condemn the Turkish state

The invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state were protested by actions organised in the cities of Saarbrücken and Den Haag.

Two actions have been organised by activists in Saarbrücken and Den Haag to protest the Turkish attacks on Kurdistan.


In the city of Saarbrücken in Germany, Kurds and their friends promoted an action to protest the Turkish state's attacks in Kurdistan.

Speaking in the action, which started with a minute silence in memory of the martyrs of Kurdistan and of the Revolution, it was stated that the Turkish state is bombing the Kurdish territory targeting civilians. Activists called on Kurds and their friends all over the world to raise their voice against these attacks.

Activists said that “as long as the attacks of the fascist Turkish state continue, the Kurds living in Saarbrücken will also be in the streets.”

Den Haag

An action was held in front of the Parliament in Den Haag. The action was organized by the DKTM. Kurds performed a silent action.

Activists protested the Turkish state and its policy towards Kurds.