Activists in Oslo protest the governments of Iran and Turkey

The attacks of the invading Turkish state against Kurdistan and the executions carried out in Iran were protested in Oslo.

The action organized by NCDK Oslo and PJAK begun in front of Oslo’s central station with a minute silence.

The messages of PJAK and KJAR followed music and songs by artist Welat Kobanê.

The speeches made at the event paid tribute to four revolutionaries Shirin Elemhuli, Ferzad Kemanger, Eli Heyderiyan and Ferhad Wekili who were executed by Iran on May 9, 2010.

"9 May is a day against free thinking for the freedom movement in Eastern Kurdistan. On this day, 11 years ago, the dictatorial reactionary state in Iran has executed four Kurdish resistance fighters and revolutionaries without trial. Ferzad Kemanger, Shirin Elemhuli, Eli Heyderiyan, Ferhad Wekili became the symbol of the struggle against dictatorship. This struggle and their resistance will remain in the memories of the Kurds and these martyrs will never be forgotten. We commemorate the prison martyrs and May martyrs. We promise to continue their struggle.”

Activists also protested the Turkish state's invasion attacks against South Kurdistan and sen this message "It is time for the unity and solidarity of the Kurds against these attacks".

Norwegian activists from Anti Rasist and Solidaritet med Kurdistan also spoke at the demonstration.