Activists in Germany hand out 93,000 leaflets explaining Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan

A group of German activists and Kurdistan organizations in Germany, who took action after the recent Turkish invasion attacks in South Kurdistan, distributed 93,000 leaflets with the title "No to Turkish fascism" in a week.

The "1.5 million no to Turkish fascism" campaign, organized jointly by Kurdish institutions and German activists, continues in Germany in order to draw attention to the invasion attack launched by the Turkish state against Metîna, Avashîn and Zap in the Medya Defense Areas on 24 April.

The campaign was promoted by the Confederation of Kurdistan Communities in Germany (KON-MED), German Kurdish Women's Associations (YJK-E), Women Defend Rojava and Riseup4Rojava and, in its first week, managed to hand out 93,000 leaflets. The aim of the campaign, as the name indicates, is to hand out 1.5 million leaflets. A symbolic number to commemorate the 1.5 million people who were killed in the Armenian genocide that started on 24 April 1915.

Women Defend Rojava Campaign spokesperson Tanya Berger said that they have been put leaflets in mailboxes and that their aim is to inform the German public about the latest attacks of the Turkish state. Berger added: "These attacks, which are carried out in disregard of international laws, are unacceptable, we will continue to show our rejection by going to the squares."

Lisa Schelm, the spokesperson of the Riseup4Rojava Campaign, called on all democratic forces, opponents of the war to protest the attacks of the Turkish state. "We will defeat fascism with our common struggle," Schelm said adding that “everyone should inform their neighbours, colleagues or school friends about the war of the Turkish fascism against the peoples of the Middle East, especially the Kurdish people.”