“Öcalan’s freedom will contribute to peace in the Middle East”

Uruguayan researcher, journalist and author of several books on the Latin American social movements Professor Raúl Zibechi has joined the Freedom for Öcalan campaign.

Uruguayan researcher, professor, journalist and author of several books on the Latin American social movements Raúl Zibechi has also joined the campaign for the freedom of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Zibechi spoke to Yeni Özgür Politika reporter Rewşan Deniz and said, “Öcalan’s freedom will also contribute to peace in the Middle East.”

Many renowned politicians, academics, writers, artists, democratic mass organizations and unions support the campaign launched by the International Freedom for Öcalan Initiative with the slogan, “It’s Time - Freedom for Öcalan”. One of the people who demand freedom for Öcalan is the journalist and researcher of social movements Raúl Zibechi. Zibechi, who has supported and worked with social movements in Latin America, has sent a message to the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative’s campaign.


Zibechi’s message is as follows: “From Uruguay, South America, we demand the freedom of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan who has been imprisoned for 19 years. Öcalan’s freedom is a matter of justice. Öcalan is not a terrorist but a social and political leader of his people. Öcalan’s freedom can also contribute to peace in the Middle East, the region with the most social and political ups and downs in the world.”

Zibechi’s message of solidarity can be viewed on the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative’s Youtube channel.


Zibechi was a member of a student’s movement tied to the Tupamaros National Freedom Movement in Uruguay between 1969 and 1973. He was exiled to Madrid in 1976 for participating in the anti-dictatorship movements in Uruguay. There, he took on an active role in the Communist movement and engaged in rural literacy and anti-militarism efforts. During the 1980’s, he became very well known in the freedom movements in Central America and wrote for various newspapers in Argentina and Uruguay. In 2003, he received the José Marti Journalism Award with his book Genealogy of the Revolt, Argentina: Society in Movement which analysed the social movements in Argentina during the 2001 uprisings and crisis in the country. International analyst and professor Zibechi is also known for his book Dispersing Power and contributes to various publications including the newspapers La Jornada (Mexico), Gara (Basque Country) and Brecha (Uruguay).