7 political parties condemn Turkish government’s relation with mafia

HDP, EMEP, People's Houses, Left Party, TİP, TKP, TÖP have released a joint statement over the mafia-state relationship in Turkey, saying, "We urge everyone to mobilize and fight for a decent society by getting rid of this dirty alliance."

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Labour Party (EMEP), People's Houses, Left Party, Workers' Party of Turkey (TİP), Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and Social Freedom Party (TÖP) have released a statement about the mafia-state relationship that has recently sparked heated debates in Turkey.


The joint statement of the parties is as follows:

"The peoples of Turkey once again witness the revelation of crimes committed by the state-politics-mafia partnership. Crimes against the peoples of Turkey, corruption and drug trafficking, extra-judicial executions and murders have been revealed as a result of conflicting interests.

Complete purge of democracy and freedoms in Turkey, deadlock in the Kurdish issue, crimes committed by mafia groups against peoples, plundering of public resources and nature, domestic and foreign monopolies, violence against women, harassment, rape and femicide, corruption and bribery have become the rule, not the exception, for those who govern this country.

Those who use nationalism for their political interests are trying to legitimize the appropriation of the laborers' efforts and the future of the peoples.


Such dirty alliances between mafia groups and state officials and pillage, death and usurpation are protected by a politicized judiciary and the legal system that rely on the government. The peoples of Turkey will not be able to feel free without changing the political, economic and social order that have created these alliances.

To fight this alliance of criminals means a struggle for bread and work for laborers, life for women, future for young people and equal rights for Kurds and Alevis.

We, as the forces in favour of the labourers, the oppressed, the poor and the otherized, call for a joint struggle against this dirty alliance. All the perpetrators of crimes should be exposed, and those responsible should be held accountable before the justice.

We know that the government, which has based its political sovereignty on this mechanism of oppression, terror and corruption, will not account of its own accord for these crimes that have been revealed.


We call on political parties, trade unions, democratic mass organizations and the peoples of Turkey to expand the social opposition and struggle against this order. We must raise our voices and organize by increasing our objections. Based on our historical responsibility, we call on everyone to mobilize and fight for a decent society by getting rid of this dirty alliance."