200 more youths from Raqqa join the Operation Wrath of Euphrates

200 more youths from Raqqa have completed training and joined the Operation Wrath of Euphrates in the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The 'Martyr Çekdar Training Cycle' participated by 200 youths from Raqqa at Martyr Aziz Military Academy has ended with a ceremony today. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration and commanders of SDF and YPG/YPJ in addition to civilians.

Speaking following the military ceremony of new recruits, SDF commander Eşref Rojava congratulated the fighters and drew attention to their role in the liberation of Syrian lands from the gangs.

Şêx Hemed Şihade who spoke on behalf of the Arab tribes said that: "We are the owners of these lands and we will liberate them."

Îsa El-Hindawî on behalf of Girê Spî Democratic Autonomous Administration saluted the resistance of SDF fighters.

Following the ceremony, the graduates have taken their place in the ranks of struggle in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates.