YRK guerrillas: The enemy cannot isolate the will for freedom

Fighters of the Eastern Kurdistan’s guerrilla force YRK said on the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan: "The Turkish state cannot isolate the will for freedom. Rêber Apo has his place in the soul of the Kurdish people and all oppressed people."

Guerrilla fighters of the Defense Units of Eastern Kurdistan (Yekîneyên Parastina Rojhilata Kurdistan, YRK), Serhed Hewraman, Çiyako Arman and Agir Efrîn spoke in an interview with ANF on the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and the attacks on Kurdistan.

Guerrilla fighter Hewraman emphasizes that the Turkish state will not be able to break the will for freedom. He recalls Öcalan's resistance under the most severe conditions of solitary confinement.

Hewraman says: "Everyone, not just the guerrillas and the Kurdish people, must now unite and oppose the invasion. The enemy wants to remove the people from Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], but we know that it will not succeed. Rêber Apo has its place in the soul of the Kurdish people and all the oppressed. Today, from all over the world, people are joining the movement he founded. This shows that his ideas are shared by millions today."

"We must reclaim Öcalan more strongly"

Guerrilla fighter Çiyako Arman talks about the importance of Abdullah Öcalan and says: "Rêber Apo saved the Kurdish people from destruction, revived them and offered us a new life. He embodies humanity. Öcalan represents a great hope for the solution of the problems in the Middle East and for the coexistence of peoples. Of course, his philosophy and ideas have upset the rulers of the world. That is why they have isolated him. The isolation of Öcalan is an isolation against humanity, peace and coexistence of peoples. When Rêber Apo was imprisoned, dozens of friends set themselves on fire under the slogan 'You will not darken our sun'. Today, other methods are implemented. We as YRK, as well as the Kurdish people, are aware of the responsibility that falls to us. Since his imprisonment, Rêber Apo has given even greater importance to freedom and has brought the true face of the system to light even more clearly by developing his philosophy. It is our duty to stand up for him."

"Kurdistan is being plundered"

Agir Efrîn, also a member of the Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units, says the following about the struggle against isolation: "The AKP/MHP alliance is responsible for the isolation and the war in Kurdistan. Today, the AKP/MHP government is waging a brutal war in Kurdistan due to the encouragement and support of the hegemonic powers. These forces have divided Kurdistan into four parts and continue to plunder the country. There is no village in Kurdistan that has not been isolated, no town that has not been surrounded, no mountain that has not been bombed. Every day Kurdish youth are slaughtered, Kurdish women are raped, the riches of Kurdistan are stolen and looted. The enemy's ongoing goal is to destroy Kurdistan and crush the spirit of freedom. Thousands of Kurdish youth are imprisoned. With its special war policy, the enemy is carrying out a cultural and physical genocide of the Kurdish people. However, there are undoubtedly those who sacrificially oppose it. This disrupts the enemy's murderous plans. The struggle of Rêber Apo is a call to all Kurdish youth, a perspective for the guerrillas and hope for the Kurdish people. I call on the Kurdish youth - fight against the occupiers, never surrender."