YRK and HPJ guerrillas celebrate Newroz in Rojhilat

Guerrillas of the Kurdish freedom movement are celebrating Newroz across Kurdistan.

Guerrillas of the YRK (Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units) and HPJ (Women’s Defense Forces) held a ceremony celebrating the Kurdish New Year, Newroz.

The ceremony, which began with a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs of Kurdistan freedom struggle, was attended by commanders and fighters of the YRK and HPJ.

Speaking here, YRK Commander Şiyar Şevger celebrated Newroz for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, hunger strike activists demanding an end to the isolation regime imposed on him, and for the Kurdish people. Şevger said; “We will frustrate the attacks of invaders. We are being through an important process. This is a process of resistance. The resistance has spread all around the world. The 2019 spring has created a great excitement for the guerrilla who are ready for freedom and victory. As the defense forces of Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan), we will do our part in this process. We, the guerrillas in Rojhilat, are soldiers of Leader Apo. All our efforts are for the freedom of Leader Apo who is subject to major attacks today as the Turkish invasion state seeks to attack our gains. Just like Kawa the Blacksmith rose up against tyranny and lit up Newroz bonfire, just like Mazlums enhanced the resistance, Leyla Güven and Zülküf Gezen have led the struggle to top today. Guerrillas will not allow the Newroz fire to be extinguished.”

Calling upon the Rojhilat people, Şevger said; “Do not remain silent on the isolation. Enhance the resistance with the spirit of 2019 Newroz. The people of Rojhilat are resilient. They never bowed to atrocities. They shall rise up against tyranny again today with the spirit of Newroz. As the defense forces of Rojhilat, we promise to fight against the invaders.”