YPS: 15 Turkish security members killed in Şırnak, 7 others in Sur

15 members of Turkish security forces were killed and 24 others wounded as a result of actions by Civilian Defense Units (YPS) in Şırnak. 7 other Turkish officers were killed in Amed's Sur district.

General Coordination of Civilian Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Sivîl, YPS) has released a statement providing details regarding their actions against state forces in Şırnak and Sur district of Amed.

The statement stressed that YPS units mounted historic resistance against the all-out war conducted by the fascist AKP government against the areas of self-rule in North Kurdistan.


According to the statement, 15 members of Turkish security forces were killed and 24 others wounded in Şırnak.

In an action against Bahçeliever police station in Şırnak province yesterday, YPS units entered the station after the fall of four emplacements during the armed action. The raid lasted 20 minutes after which heavy clashes erupted between YPS members and Turkish forces dispatched to the scene. In addition to a drone, one military vehicle of the reinforced units was destroyed here.

While clashes lasted ceaselessly till 18:30, 5 YPS members participating in the action were martyred fighting.

In another action, YPS members targeted a vehicle carrying specialist sergeants from Cizre to Şırnak, which left 4 among them dead.

The statement noted that Turkish forces' attacks on civilian areas left a child wounded and a man by the name of Mehmet Sıddık Tekman dead.


In Sur district of Amed, YPS units hit Turkish forces that attempted to infiltrate into the areas of self-rule at 13:00 yesterday, as a result of which 3 were killed and 2 others were wounded.

2 other Turkish security members were killed near the police station and Karadeniz Street during the same hours.

In the afternoon of Feb. 4, YPS units hit another Turkish troop trying to infiltrate into a neighborhood protected by popular resistance, as a result of which 2 Turkish members were killed.

While attacks by state forces killed 14-year-old Cihat Morgül, one YPS member was martyred in the morning Feb. 4.

The ID detail of the fallen YPS fighter is;

Name-Surname: Welat Bilen

Parents' Names: Bakız-Mehmet Tahir

Date and Place of Birth: 1994, Mardin/Kızıltepe