YPG releases balance sheet of war for August

YPG Media Center released the balance sheet of war for the month of August. Many gang members were killed and large amounts of military equipment were seized during the clashes in August.

YPG Media Center released the balance sheet of war for August on its website. In its statement, YPG gave the following information on the clashes with the Turkish army and the Ba’athist regime as well as the jihadist gangs in the region:

“YPG operations: 4

Clashes: 39

Operations, clashes and attacks with unverified results: 7

Turkish army’s attack on Rojava soil: 17

Number of enemies killed: 162

Number of enemies’ bodies seized: 80

Number of enemies captured alive: 7

Number of enemy vehicles destroyed: 13 car bombs, 6 military vehicles, 1 DShK-mounted vehicle, 1 Hummer-type military vehicle

Military equipment seized: 3 Katyusha rockets, 30 Kalashnikovs and 2.240 bullets, 18 hand grenades, 3 RPG rocket launchers and 5 rockets, 6 BKC guns and 1950 bullets, 122 clips, 1 motorcycle, 4 rext, 5 suicide vests, 2 artillery, 13 car bombs, 5 DShKs and 297 bullets, 1 Shiyar rifle, 1 pistol, 1 tablet computer.

Number of comrades martyred: 30


YPG Media Center emphasized that gangs affiliated with the SNC attacked Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood and the suburbs of Efrîn tens of times throughout August. Civilians houses and businesses were damaged or destroyed during these attacks.

YPG stated that its forces liberated the villages of Qadriyê, Deçi, Maşi and Şêx Emer, 2 smaller villages and a chicken farm from ISIS gangs to the southeast of Tishreen dam and advanced for 3,5 kms in August.


YPG Media Center announced that Turkish army soldiers attacked Rojava, violated the border 17 times in August, and damaged buildings in areas of civilian residents:

12 attacks with heavy weaponry

2 attacks with light weaponry

2 tank attacks

1 artillery attack

2 armored vehicle attacks

2 border violations with Turkish helicopters

1 Turkish warplane air strike

4 civilians and 1 YPG fighter died, and 50 civilians and 2 fighters got injured during these Turkish army attacks.


YPG stated that violent clashes broke out in Hesekê on August 1 when regime soldiers attacked two Asayish positions in the town, and regime warplanes bombarded the town on August 18. Many civilians lost their lives, got wounded, and were forced to leave the town. YPG forces intervened in the clashes on August 18, and played a crucial role until August 24.

Below is the balance sheet of the clashes in Hesekê:

"Number of enemy soldiers and paramilitaries killed: 77

Number of enemies captured dead: 28

Number of enemies captured alive: 170

Number of enemy vehicles, guns and ammunition seized: 2 panzers, 1 military vehicle, 2 ambulances, 8 cars, 7 pick-up trucks, 2 tractors, 4 construction vehicles, 343 Kalashnikovs and 300.098 bullets, 16 clips, 12 boxes of ammunition, 180 raxt, 28 BKC guns and 360 bullets, 8 DShKs and 96 boxes of ammunition, 1 sniper rifle, 23 HVs, 20 bags, 40 Brunos, 8 pistols, 3 night binoculars, 680 hand grenades, 1 radio transmitter, 3 phones, 50 steel vests, 300 gas canisters, 100 batons, 160 police helmets, gas masks, 25 police shields.

Number of enemy vehicles destroyed: 2 construction vehicles, 1 military vehicle

Number of comrades martyred: 14”