YPG: 32 gangs killed in Shaddadi

YPG announced that 32 gangs were killed and 17 machine guns were seized during the ISIS attack on Shaddadi’s Ezawî village on June 4.

YPG Media Center announced that that 32 gangs were killed and 15 machine guns were seized during the ISIS attack on Shaddadi’s Ezawî village at 04:00 on June 4. The attacks ended after the strong resistance of YPG forces.

YPG stated that its forces killed 22 gangs during the ISIS attack, and 10 gangs blew themselves up. YPG noted that it seized 15 Kalashnikovs, 2 B7 rocket propellers, and 2 radio transmitters during the attack.

YPG added that ISIS gangs also attacked the town of Şêxler to the southwest of Kobanê from their positions to the south of Jarablus on June 4.


YPG Media Center emphasized that the Turkish army continues to attack Rojava, and attacked the village of Ziyaret to the west of Kobanê between 11:30 and 12:00 on June 4 with heavy weaponry.

YPG stated that Syrian National Council affiliates Lîwaa Sultan Murad, Ahrar Al-Sham, Division 16, Lîwaa El-Fetih, Lîwa Siltan Mihemed El Fetêh, Arteşa El Mucahidîn, Suwar Al-Sham, Ahrar Suruye, Jabhat Al-Shamiye, Siqor El Cebel, Division 101, Foc Alewal, Jabhat Al Tirkmen, Battalion Ebû Emera, Arteşa Al Îslam, Kombûna Festeqim Kema Emert, Lîwa 13emîn, Division Al-Shamaliye and Battalion Nûreddîn Zenkî gangs continued their joint attacks on Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood. The gangs attacked the neighborhood from the direction of Ashrafiyah on June 4, and 2 gangs were killed during the clashes.

Lastly, YPG noted that gangs attacked the Belon village of Afrin on June 4 and 1 gang member was killed during the brief clashes near the village.