YPG: 32 gang members killed in Aleppo and Kizwanan area

YPG Press Office said 32 members of the gang groups were killed, while a panzer and many armored vehicles were destroyed in Aleppo and Hesekê regions.

YPG Press Office has released a written statement about the actions conducted by YPG/YPJ (People's / Women's Defense Units) against the ISIS and Al-Nusra gangs in Aleppo and Hesekê regions. Accordingly, 32 members of the gang groups were killed, while a panzer and many armored vehicles were destroyed.

YPG stated that ISIS gangs have launched the heaviest attacks since their offensive to occupy Hesekê in Mount Kizwanan region. Seven fighters of the Defense Units have lost their lives in intense clashes that are still going on.

The statement reported that attacks led by Al-Nusra gangs on Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo also continue, in response to which YPG/YPJ put up active resistance and conduct effective counter-attacks.


The statement said a clash erupted between YPG/YPJ forces and the gang groups that launched an attack on Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood at around 10:00 local time yesterday. Two pick-up vehicles, including a DShK-laden vehicle one was destroyed, but the casualties left by the action couldn't be clarified.


Targeting the gang groups on Bostan Paşa neighborhood and Cendol road from where they conduct their attacks, YPG/YPJ forces damaged three vehicles belonging to the gangs, yet couldn't make the number of casualties clear.

In another operation, Defense Units hit a gang group preparing for an assault on Kastello road, leaving 4 members of theirs dead.


The statement reported that ISIS gangs have this morning conducted an expansive operation targeting the Bediî, Xerra, Xara, Til Hemam and Cefr villages to the northwest of Mout Kizwanan and the Radio hill on the montain.

Describing the assault as the most expansive one launched by gangs in Hesekê region since early August, YPG said Defense Units have put up steady resistance to the attack and inflicted heavy blows on the gangs.

According to the statement, gang groups have attempted two suicide attacks near wheat silos in Xerra village and in Til Hamam village. Both the bomb-laden vehicle and the motorcycle used in the actions by gangs were destroyed by Defense Units.

The gang groups that attacked the villages of Xerra, Xara, Cefr and Bediî, and the junction on Bediî-Alya road were also encircled by YPG/YPJ who eliminated the majority of the gangs involved in the attacks.


YPG/YPJ have destroyed a panzer of the gangs at Bediî-Alya junction where at least 7 members of theirs were verified killed, and their bodies were seized. Three fighters of the Defense Units fell fighting here.

10 other gang members were captured dead in clashes in Xerra village where 4 YPG/YPJ fighters fell a martyr. 11 other gang members were captured dead in the village of Xara.

Remarking that clashes with gang groups were going on at 4 separate points, YPG concluded that 28 gang members have been captured dead so far, while a panzer, a bomb-laden vehicle and a motorcycle belonging to them were also seized.