YJA Star guerrillas: We are the answer to patriarchy

YJA-Star guerrillas talked about their motivation and explain that for them woman guerrillas is the best answer to patriarchy.

The women guerrillas of YJA Star are fighting on all fronts in Kurdistan against Turkish fascism and its neo-Ottoman expansion efforts. At the same time, it is an example of women's self-defense in ideological and armed struggle. On the international day against violence against women, guerrilla fighters from the YJA Star spoke about the movement and their motivation with ANF.

YJA Star: "A Self-Defense Army for all women in the world"

Dicle Amed is one of the thousands of YJA Star guerrillas. She spoke in particular about the importance of YJA Star as an organization of self-defense and explains: “We have created our own army and thus our own self-defense. It is not just an army of Kurdish women, but a self-defense army for all women in the world. We will not tolerate any kind of oppression."

Guerrilla Amed said that the war is systematically directed against Kurdish women, and continued: "Women have to take to the streets and turn them into a ground for action. It must not be forgotten, women are life, they are a nation, a language, a society and a culture. With the attack on women, society and all values ​​are attacked."

"Know the enemy and rise"

Guerrilla fighter Evîn Efrîn said: “We will never bow to the fascist system. We need to strengthen our organized struggle. The armed and ideological struggle that we are waging in the mountains at the moment is not just for Kurdish women, but for all women in the Middle East and the world. Young women in particular must be very attentive to the special war and develop their self-defense."

"Victory comes with the fight"

Guerrilla Arzeba said: “We set out as women in the mountains of Kurdistan to meet Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan]. Our participation in the struggle for freedom of women is the best answer to the enslavement of women. Without self-defense, women cannot have a real fight. Women need to understand their own strength. I call on all women to organized struggle. We will achieve freedom and victory through struggle."