YJA Star guerrilla Narin Şiyar: We will defeat the enemy and its technology

YJA Star guerrilla Narin Şiyar said that the Turkish state was hit hard in the 'Cenga Xabûre and Bazên Zagrosê' operations and added: "They are trying to defeat us with their technology, but this won’t happen.”

YJA Star guerrilla Narin Şiyar spoke to ANF about the "Cenga Xabûre and Bazên Zagrosê" operation. First of all, she saluted the 15 August 1984 initiative and said: “We have come to these days thanks to Martyr Zilan and Martyr Agit. The revolutionary operations of Cenga Xabûre and Bazên Zagrosê, had a great impact.”

Guerrilla Şiyar added: “Clear examples of this can be seen in the Girê Sor, Werxelê and Ciloya Biçûk areas. The role of our female comrades in these actions and practice cannot be explained with words. These actions give great morale. Our comrades cornered the enemy with these actions. The enemy also focuses on its technology. They think they can defeat the guerrillas with technology, but this is just a dream. They are fighting against us with technology, but the guerrillas are fighting with determination."

Guerrilla Şiyar drew attention to the role played by women in actions in Gever, Avaşin and Zap. “The enemy knows that relying on technology won’t bring it success, so it targets civilians. The force we face engages in brutality, torture, persecution, betrayal and all kinds of inhumane practices.”

Guerrilla Şiyar continued: “We will never allow the enemy forces to be in Kurdistan territory. We will resist the occupation in these mountains until the last drop of our blood. We will not allow the occupation.”