YJA Star and HPG guerrillas: Victory will be ours!

YJA Star guerrilla Eylem Cûdî said that the people exist thanks to the guerrillas, and the guerrillas exist thanks to the people, while HPG guerrilla Husên Azad said that those who said, "It will end in 72 hours," have lost.

YJA Star guerrilla Eylem Cûdî and HPG guerrilla Hûsên Azad evaluated the resistance against the invading Turkish army and the level reached by the PKK-led Kurdish Freedom Struggle before the 38th anniversary of the 15 August Initiative.

Pointing out that everyone's eyes are on the guerrillas, YJA Star guerrilla Eylem Cûdî said: “The guerrillas are waging a tough war to satisfy the expectations of the people. This strengthens the hopes of the people even more. Indeed, the people exist thanks to the guerrillas, and the guerrillas exist thanks to these people.”

Emphasizing that the revolutionary people's war is being waged on the basis of Democratic Modernity, Eylem Cûdî added: “The war that has been waged with the ideas and perspectives of Rêber Apo will continue in the same way from now on. Our aim is to create this system with all peoples, nations, religious and ethnic groups.

'Speak up against isolation'

Stating that they are facing an enemy that does not recognize any ethical and human values, Eylem Cûdî said: “Currently, all the world and international organizations are in great silence against the isolation on Rêber Apo. Everyone should see the inhumane practice and react.

We, as the Democratic Nation guerrillas, claim to unite Kurdistan. By liberating Rêber Apo, we will liberate society as well. We will prevent the hopes of our people from being dashed, and we will fight our war in the mountains and in the cities. We will continue everywhere. Victory will definitely be ours.”

'Turkey cannot beat the guerrillas'

HPG guerrilla Hûsên Azad made evaluations about the invasion attacks carried out by the Turkish state against the Medya Defense Areas and the resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. Noting that the Turkish state could not get any results against the will of the guerrillas despite all the superior war technology it uses, Azad said that the invading army committed serious war crimes by using chemical weapons, especially in the Zagros.

Emphasizing that the world is turning a blind eye to the war crimes committed by the Turkish state, Azad continued to draw attention to the following points: “Everyone may be silent in the face of the fascism and genocide policy exhibited by the Turkish state, but we are not helpless people either. But we are fighting for all the oppressed and for humanity. This is our duty and we will continue to fulfil this duty.”

Hûsên Azad said: "All our friends are in resistance positions. The results of the war and the losses we inflicted on the enemy are the clearest indication of how we dealt with the enemy.”

Commenting on the desperation of the Turkish state in the war, Azad conveyed the following information from the war front: “The invading army bombards its own soldiers' bodies. In addition to all kinds of chemical weapons and immoral methods, they sent dogs to war tunnels and throw gasoline inside with hoses. But none of these methods were successful.”

Emphasizing that they will wage this war until the end, HPG guerrilla Azad said: “Everyone needs to know this very well. Without the PKK, the enemy will destroy our people in a short time. Those who are collaborating with the Turkish state should not forget that one day they will be held accountable. History and this movement will hold them accountable. Those who say 'it will end in 72 hours' have lost.”