YBŞ: 21 locations bombed, three civilians killed in Turkish attacks

According to the YBŞ, three civilians were killed in yesterday's airstrikes by the Turkish army in Shengal. YBŞ suffered no casualties in the hours-long bombardment of 21 different locations.

The Shengal Resistance Units (Yekîneyên Berxwedana Şengalê, YBŞ) issued a statement on the Turkish army's air strikes on Tuesday evening. According to the statement, 21 YBŞ points in the main Yazidi settlement area in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) were bombed. In addition, civilians were also targeted and three civilians were killed. The YBŞ have not suffered any casualties.

The statement released by the YBŞ Command on Wednesday said: "The Turkish occupying state attacked our areas with fighter jets between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. on 1 February. A total of 21 of our locations were bombed. There were no casualties or injuries on our side as a result of the attacks."

The YBŞ continued: "The aim of this attack is to spread fear among our people. The Turkish occupation forces are pursuing a dirty policy regarding the displaced people from Shengal. This policy and the attacks are directed against our people who have been living in camps [since the ISIS genocide of 2014]. The Turkish state wants to prevent them from returning to Shengal. Along with the military attacks, the Turkish state is also using psychological warfare.

The current attacks are related to the ISIS massacre of 3 August 2014. Whatever the enemy does, they will not succeed in smashing our positions. Our people must believe in their own strength and thus make all enemy attacks fail. There have already been hundreds of attacks that have come to nothing. Our people and our friends can rely on us.

In certain KDP media, propaganda for the Turkish occupation is being carried out. For a Kurd to present the occupation and the attacks as legitimate does not show honour and dignity. This use of language should be abandoned. No occupying force will be able to invade Shengal.

Apart from the targeted places, civilian places have also been bombed. Three people have been killed and one person injured. Our investigations to ascertain their identities are still ongoing, but according to the information available so far, the victims are people who were constructing wells for the people."