Yazidi women say they won't allow the KDP to enter Shengal

The KDP is apparently preparing for a new attempt to advance with large troop contingents into the self-administered Yazidi Shengal region.

After the failed attempt by the KDP to penetrate the self-governing Yazidi region of Shengal, the South Kurdish ruling party is apparently preparing a more comprehensive operation against the area and is planning to set up several bases there. Already on Saturday the KDP tried with armed force to bring two candidates for the Iraqi parliamentary elections to Shengal. Due to the blockades of the population, the troops had to withdraw. The KDP is hated in the South Kurdish Shengal region because before the Islamic State began its genocide in the Shengal region on 3 August 2014, the KDP had systematically disarmed the population and then left the people defenseless at the mercy of the jihadist death squads.

Yazidi women's movement TAJÊ: "We will not accept the KDP"

The self-government region of Shengal as well as the movement of the Yazidi women (TAJÊ) announced resistance. A statement by the women said: "On 3 August 2014, as a result of the betrayal of the KDP, ISIS attacked Shengal and committed a genocide. Thousands of Yazidi women were murdered and countless were abducted. A genocide of Yazidi women was committed before the eyes of the world. That was the result of the KDP's betrayal."

The statement continued: "As if that weren't enough, the on 3 March 2017 the KDP and its Peshmerga and Roj-Peshmerga attacked Xanêsor in Shengal. The KDP continued its attacks on the Kurdish people and Yazidi society. On 9 October 2020, the KDP followed the Turkish order and signed an agreement with the Iraqi government in which the will of the Yazidi population was to be disregarded and the self-governing region was to be divided. Since then, hostile actions against Yazidi women and Yazidi society have increased."

The statement added: "This time the KDP tried to invade the Shengal region under the pretext of the elections. The Yazidi women, especially the mothers, opposed this and prevented the Peshmerga from penetrating our lands. So the KDP had to withdraw again. Now, the KDP is enraged by its defeat and is trying to get back to Shengal with greater strength.

We appeal to all Kurds, to the Yazidi women, the political parties and the democratic organizations to stand against these attacks. Long live the Shengal resistance!"