Guerrilla Başûr criticizes the silence against occupation in South Kurdistan

South Kurdish guerrilla fighter Azad Başûr criticizes the silence against the occupation in South Kurdistan and calls on the people to rise and drive the Turkish state out of the region.

Azad Başûr is one of the hundreds of South Kurdish guerrilla fighters who have joined the People's Defense Forces HPG to fight the Turkish invasion. Speaking to ANF, he calls on the South Kurdish population to act against the Turkish invasion.

"There are constant attacks on the territory of Kurdistan, on the guerrillas and their achievements," explains Başûr. "I was moved by the killing of Heval Sara [Sakine Cansız], the attacks on Rojava and the fight against the Islamic State, like every young Kurd. I read the books of Abdullah Öcalan. He dealt extensively with the problems of the system and the people. While reading his books, I got to know myself."

"Baath regime and KDP government of the same nature"

Guerrilla Azad Başûr compares the rule of the KDP with the Saddam regime and explains: “The people made a revolution with great hope, but essentially nothing has changed. There used to be no equality, and unfortunately there is no equality today. In the past, people could not criticize the Baath regime, today they are thrown into prison, tortured and murdered if they criticize the KDP government. The rich kept getting richer and the poor got even poorer, even though the people made this revolution for justice and freedom."

Guerrilla Başûr recalls that last year people collected 500,000 signatures against the Turkish presence in the region and submitted them to Parliament and that Parliament had decided to end the Turkish presence. People would have to question, he said, why this did not happen.

The guerrilla fighter criticizes the people of South Kurdistan for not protecting the “achievements they have won” and says: “For the first time in history, the people of South Kurdistan are silent against fascism. Young people in particular have to do something."