Workers’ protest continues in Rojhilat on day 13

Shops remain closed in Rojhilat as workers’ protest continues on its 13th day.

In Eastern Kurdistan, people who only have border trade as a means to make their living have taken action against the Iranian regime’s economic policies.

Kolbers, kesibkars and shopkeepers have been protesting the increase in customs duties and closing of the border gates for the last 13 days.

The protests continue in Banê city where shopkeepers distributed leaflets, set up empty tables and tents in protest at the Iranian regime’s policy to discipline the people by sentencing them to hunger.

Closing the border gates between Rojhilat (eastern Kurdistan) and Bashur (southern Kurdistan) has cost 80.000 kolbers (load carriers for daily wage) and 6 million kesibkars (border traders) their jobs.