“We have a promise to the children of Afrin, Sur, Cizir, Bradost"

Guerrillas spoke about the operation launched by the Turkish state in Bradost and said: “As long as we are here, the invaders won’t rest easy. We have a promise to the children of Afrin, Sur, Cizir and Bradost to defend our country.”

Guerrillas spoke to ANF about the operation the Turkish state launched in the Bradost region on April 5, 2018. Guerillas in the operation grounds pointed out that the invasions of Afrin and Bradost had developed under the same mentality. The guerrillas said the Turkish state’s true aim is to create a new status for themselves over Kurds and stated that they won’t let the invaders rest easy.


YJA Star guerrilla Silîwa Şoreş spoke to the ANF, pointing out that they fight jets with DShK guns and stating that the vanguard army will achieve victory. Şoreş said the Turkish state is aiming for an extensive operation throughout the whole of Kurdistan and attacking everywhere: “This operation has started in Afrin, Botan, Garzan, Amed and Dersim areas. Most recently they carried out an operation against the Xakurkê area. They made dispatches to the Lêlikan Hill with all their technology. Our actions against these invasion attacks continue since April 5.”


Guerrilla Şoreş said that the Turkish state has mobilized all their resources and added: “But we fought against jets with DHSK guns and our personal weapons for hours. We were on the Kevortê Hill across from the hill where the operation was. We saw with our own eyes that the DHSK our comrades used damaged a Cobra type helicopter. We also saw that they had many casualties due to the sabotage actions. We as the YJA Star and HPG guerrillas will never let the enemy breathe easy on our lands for a minute. As long as we are here, invaders won’t rest easy. There is a vanguard army made up of the children of the Kurdish people. So our people should rest assured. We have a promise to the children of Afrin, Sur, Cizir and Bradost.”


HPG guerrilla Artêş Welat who participated in the operation said the guerrilla force defeated technical prowess despite all attacks. Guerrilla Welat stressed that the Apoist spirit of resistance flourishes everywhere and added: “For some five months, there has been an attack against the Sideka and Gelyêreş areas. The Turkish state is in possession of all the technology the age has to offer, and they want to invade Rojava, Bakur and Bashur relying on that power. But it can clearly be seen that the Turkish soldiers couldn’t stand against the guerrilla for a minute without their technology. The Turkish state’s war relies on technique. All our friends now are in constant action mode in their positions against the invasion forces. The spirit of the Afrin resistance continues here. All who possess the Apoist spirit fight for the same goal.”


HPG fighter Welat stated that they as the guerrilla are present everywhere in Kurdistan and concluded with: “We emerge whenever and wherever it is necessary. The Turkish soldiers know this very well, that is why they are afraid to go out in the areas they invaded. The truth of this war isn’t how it is portrayed in the Turkish media. I wish the Turkish media could stand with us for ten minutes and see the morale of soldiers. They can’t leave their shelters without scouts above them. They are trying to protect themselves with scout planes, but that is also in vain. Our actions are developed under their scout planes and intense technique. So their technology can’t protect them. We as the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas have faith that we will create victory with the spirit of resistance and struggle of the age, and we fight in our positions with this belief.”