Two kolbers step on mines, two others freeze to death in Rojhilat

Two kolbers in Eastern Kurdistan were heavily wounded when they stepped on landmines and two others froze to death.

According to Eastern Kurdistan Human Rights Organization, two brothers named Yadgar and Kamuran Emini were heavily wounded when they stepped on landmines as they were crossing the border with loads on their backs from the vicinity of the Ahmedabad village in Bane’s Ahmedabad village on March 4.

The kolber brothers who were wounded in the landmine explosion were taken to the Bane Hospital to receive treatment. In the medical intervention in the hospital, Kamuran Emini’s foot was amputated and Yadgar Emini’s situation remains critical.


The body of 60 year old kolber Xıdır Abdullahi was found in the Qani Xuda territory in Piranshehir on March 3. Abdullahi was known to be a kolber, and appears to have lost his life when he got lost as he was crossing the border under heavy snow and storms.

As the search for Xıdır Abdullahi’s body continued in the Qani Xuda region, another body that belongs to Muhammed Payme from Mahabad was found. Payme is reported to have been a civilian citizen who froze to death in the snow as he wanted to cross the border into Southern Kurdistan.