Two guerrilla commanders martyred in Ağrı countryside

The HPG published the personal details of two guerrilla commanders who died fighting the Turkish army in the Serhat region in northern Kurdistan in July.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published the names of two guerrilla commanders who died in clashes with the Turkish army in the province of Ağrı in late July. Rohat Amed and Şoreş Andok led the "Revolutionary Guerrilla Offensive" in Patnos and Glîdax in the Serhat region. "They showed us the way of victory and revolution with their selflessness," HPG said, paying tribute to their struggle.

Şehadete ulaşan yoldaşlarımızın kimlik bilgileri şöyledir:

Nom de Guerre: Rohat Amed
First-Last Name: Ramazan Akalın
Birthplace: Amed
Mother's-Father's Name: Şerife – Mehmet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 21 July 2021 / Serhat


Nom de Guerre: Şoreş Andok
First-Last Name: Kasım Kaya
Birthplace: Hakkari
Mother's-Father's Name: Behice – Sadi
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 21 July 2021 / Serhat


Rohat Amed: For freedom and socialism until last breath

In an obituary for the commanders, HPG wrote: "Rohat Amed was born into a patriotic family that upheld Kurdish culture and tradition, in Amed (tr. Diyarbakir). He therefore grew up with these values. With the development of the freedom struggle in Kurdistan, the interest in our freedom movement grew in his family and some of its members joined our party, the PKK. The family's involvement in the freedom struggle, the defeats that the Kurdish freedom guerrillas inflicted on the occupiers, and the realization of the true face of the murderous Turkish state, led Rohat to set out on his own quest. In this search, his interest in the freedom movement grew and he participated in youth work and many legal activities. Through these activities, he became more aware of the reality of the people and the country and he focused on the issue of the liberation of our people. At the same time, he radically rejected the atomizing, alienating character of the capitalist system and was convinced that a humane life was possible only with a socialist system.


Rohat joined the guerrillas in 2005. He had come to believe that he could achieve the free and dignified life he sought with our party, the PKK. The first day he realized his childhood dream and joined the guerrillas, he was very impressed by the guerrilla units he met and considered this moment as one of the most valuable and memorable of his life. The fact that the philosophy of life he defended and the guerrilla's standards of life overlapped made Rohat immediately integrate himself into the guerrilla's life in the mountains, and after a short time he mastered all the details of guerrilla combat. Rohat admired the mountains of Kurdistan and their nature and he really merged with them. Therefore, he wanted to know all regions of our country and fight in all areas. He carried out his work wherever he was needed with dedication and sacrifice. Thus, he became a perfect militant. Rohat practiced revolutionary work for many years in different regions of our country, especially in Medya Defense Zones, and managed to become a competent guerrilla commander through his experience. Moreover, he knew how to embody the socialist identity of our Party with his socialist way of life. Thus, he became an example for his companions. Convinced that a 24-hour ideological struggle must be waged against the enemy's permanent special warfare attacks, Rohat constantly educated himself. He was always on the lookout and carried out one personality revolution after another. He never stopped developing his personality and quickly adapted to new situations and phenomena. In this context, he was convinced of the restructuring of the guerrilla and absorbed the ideas of the guerrilla struggle of democratic modernity. Comrade Rohat worked hard to share his belief in victory and his knowledge with all his friends and to make each of his fellow fighters the vanguard of our path to victory. He took care of each one during the training of hundreds of his comrades and closely monitored their developments. In this respect, he contributed a lot to the basic values on which our party is based and fulfilled his comradery duties perfectly.

As a pioneering commander, Rohat always wanted to participate in our revolutionary and victory march in Northern Kurdistan and insisted on it. He believed that the Kurdish revolution was only possible with the defeat of the Turkish colonial state and moved to Northern Kurdistan to put this idea into practice. He coordinated and personally participated in many of the actions that dealt heavy blows to the occupiers, especially in the Serhat region. He succeeded in becoming an example of a commander of the new era. By fighting until his last breath in the battle against the enemy in the Patnos region, he met the requirements of an Apoist militant and joined the ranks of the brave martyrs.  

"Şoreş was always the example of an Apoist militant"

Our friend Şoreş was born in the city of Hakkari, known for its uprisings. He was involved with the freedom struggle of Kurdistan from an early age, because the region where he lived is one of those where the freedom guerrillas carry out effective actions and are linked to patriotic values deep into their history. When Şoreş realized that it was necessary not only to show interest, but to transform that interest into struggle, he joined youth work and did revolutionary work in many areas. However, he was convinced that success and victory could only be achieved through the development of the guerrilla struggle.


With this goal, Comrade Şoreş joined the guerrillas in 2013 and was happy to realize his childhood dream. He led his whole life as a guerrilla fighter full of morale and active participation in the struggle. For him, life as a guerrilla fighter in the mountains became his way of life. He gained great energy from the nature of Kurdistan, which enabled him to further strengthen his struggle. He fought every moment without rest and devoted himself to the advancement of himself and his companions. Şoreş intensively studied the art of war and permanently educated himself in terms of tactics and strategy. He was always developing even richer and more creative actions against the enemy. In this sense, he took part in many actions in the Xakurke region, in which the enemy was severely hit. In his actions, his sacrifice came to the fore and he became an exemplary Apoist militant. Like many of his comrades, Şoreş always dreamed of becoming a guerrilla fighter in Northern Kurdistan and had made great efforts to realize this dream. In 2019, he went to Serhat region and took the opportunity to practice guerrilla warfare in Northern Kurdistan. He used his war experience in this field with great skill and participated in many actions. The actions almost completely paralyzed the enemy. Comrade Şoreş had an exemplary, modest, dedicated and success-oriented personality and thus became an example of the revolution of Kurdistan. He fell in a battle with the enemy in Glîdax area when he faced the enemy with full sacrifice."

We express our condolences to the patriotic people of Kurdistan, especially to the precious families of our brave commanders Rohat and Şoreş, who have shown the way of victory and revolution to their friends and are a command for us to realize their dream of freedom of Leader Öcalan and of Kurdistan."