Turkish troops cross the border into Southern Kurdistan

Turkish troops have crossed the border into Southern Kurdistan. Clashes that erupted upon the response of guerrillas continue.

Turkish troops moving in Çukurca district of Hakkari have crossed the border into Southern Kurdistan last night. During clashes that erupted upon the response of guerrillas, 14 soldiers have been killed. Clashes and Turkish airstrikes continue in several locations.

ANF reporters on the ground provided the following details:

Turkish fighter jets started to shell Çukurca borderline at 20:00 Friday evening. Turkish troops started to move and crossed the border following the aerial strikes. Heavy clashes erupted between guerrillas and Turkish soldiers that targeted Martyr Munzur, Small Cilo and Qela Bedewê areas.

Turkish soldiers entered a location where guerrillas had laid explosive traps before. Explosions and crossfire by guerrillas left 14 soldiers dead here. Guerrilla sources report that the number of soldiers killed here could be higher.

Military activity continues towards Biznê and Qela Bedewê areas in the same region. Turkish soldiers are trying to advance but cannot, due to the response and intervention of guerrilla forces.

Intense ground and aerial activity in the mentioned region continues.