Three more villages around Manbij liberated

Manbij Military Council fighters have liberated three more villages 20 km southwest of Manbij.

The operation of Manbij Military Council to cleanse Manbij and surroundings of ISIS elements continues in the southern-western countryside of the Manbij city which was liberated on the 73rd day of the military campaign.

According to reports coming through, three more villages have been cleansed of ISIS gangs. The three villages, Îlan, Xira El-Kebîra and Xira El-Sexîra, are located on the southwestern side of the city and 20 km to Manbij city.

On the other hand, Manbij fighters have conducted an offensive on two strategic points where ISIS groups were deployed. Both locations have been cleansed of ISIS elements.

Manbij Military Council fighters continue their cleaning operation in the region.