Three environmental activists arrested in Rojhilat

On Monday, December 31, three environmental activists from the National Unity Party (Kurdistan branch), were detained by Iranian security forces in the city of Kamyaran and transferred to an undisclosed location.

According to local sources in Kamyaran who spoke to the ANF, on the eve of December 31, Iranian security forces stormed a shop kept by Reza Asadi and Fazel Ghaytasi, members of the environmental committee from the Kurdistan branch of the National Unity Party, at Mellat mall in Kamyaran, arresting the two.

While there is no news about the reason why the two activists were arrested, the current situation and the whereabouts of the detainees remains unknown.

On the other hand, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has reported the arrest of another environmental activist from Kamyaran, Hadi Kamangar, at the same time at his home. Hadi Kamangar has been moved to an unknown location and there is no news of his fate.

According to the KHRN, Iranian security forces arrested Hadi Kamangar after disassembling all personal belongings and covering hid head with a sack.

Environmental Committee from the Kurdish branch of the National Unity Party has been conducting educational classes on environmental issues in various cities of Kurdistan province over the last few years and has been active in Oak seed planting campaign every year