The last call of Osyan martyrs: Protect your values

Guerrilla Bîrhat Osyan and Zinar Herekol, from the village of Osyan, called on the people living in Osyan to take an honorable stance against the enemy and to protect their values.

Guerrilla Bîrhat Osyan fell martyr in Gabar in 2019 and guerrilla Zinar Herekol in Cudi in 2015. Both guerrillas drew attention to the dirty policies of the Turkish state towards the Kurdish people in interviews they gave before they falling martyrs.

Guerrillas Bîrhat Osyan and Zinar Herekol called on the people who live in the village of Osyan to act and be careful of the dirty policies of the Turkish occupying state.

Joining the guerrilla ranks with his 4 friends in 2014, martyr Bîrhat Osyan said the following regarding the village of Osyan, where he was born and where he grew up: "The invading Turkish state was making plans to protect the village of Osyan. With this plan, they wanted to counter the freedom movement and the people of the village. As a result of the plan, many people died, these are the games of the enemy. Some went along with these games. The invading enemy has been trying to divide Kurds for a long time. But now there is the freedom movement and it is countering this policy. The Kurdish people are now conscious.

Our people living in Osyan should not be fooled by these policies. We fight for freedom, democracy, culture and language on these mountains. Those who were fooled by the dirty politics of the enemy should correct their attitude towards the Kurdish freedom movement. The enemy has been implementing these policies in the region for 30 years. Our call to the leaders, women and youth of the Kurdish society is this: Take care of your values, culture and language. Our people should focus on these issues. How long will the enemy use our people?”

The PKK is fighting for the identity of the Kurdish people

Martyr guerrilla Zinar Herekol also underlined that the Turkish state had developed the village guard system in the village of Osyan. Saying that the Turkish state wanted to weaken the Kurdish freedom movement in this way, martyr guerrilla Zinar Herekol added: "The Turkish state is running a dirty war against our movement. The enemy is trying to create the perception that the PKK is not fighting for the people. But when we join the movement, we saw exactly the opposite of what the enemy wanted to show: The PKK fights for identity, culture, language and the values of the people and pays a price for it.

Unfortunately, some people believed this propaganda. This caused people from the Goyi tribe to die and our friends to fell martyr. They wanted to target the people and the movement and to some extent they achieved their goals. But now the Kurdish people have become conscious. Many young people who saw the reality of the movement joined the guerrilla struggle.

Rêber Apo [President Abdullah Ocalan] is fighting alone against the dirty policies of the enemy in prison. The propaganda of the enemy is a lie, their aim is to weaken the Kurdish people. The PKK movement did not go up the mountain to fight against the people; on the contrary, it fights for the freedom and interests of the people. We send our greetings to our people, the village of Osyan and the Goyi tribe, and we convey our respect and love in the hope of a free country."