Street to street fighting in the southern side of Manbij

Heavy clashes are taking place between Manbij Military Council fighters and ISIS gangs in the southern side of the Manbij city center.

The military campaign to liberate Manbij, which was renamed as 'Operation Martyr Commander Faysal Abu Layla' continues in its 29th day.

As street to street and house to house clashes are taking place in the southern side of the city center, fighting intensifies on the streets 250 meters to the wheat silos liberated by Manbij Military Council fighters in recent days.

International coalition aircraft continue bombing ISIS positions and coalition jets targeted a house where gangs were deployed, and an ammunition depot of theirs last night.

Suffering an ongoing defeat at the hands of the Manbij Military Council combatants, ISIS gangs attempted to conduct two car bomb attacks last night but these both were foiled by combatants.

Severe clashes also continue in the eastern and western side of the city and Manbij Military Council fighters continue making controlled advances due to mines planted by the gangs.