Still no news about HDP member Musa Çiftçi, detained in Hewler by KDP forces

HDP member Musa Çiftçi was detained by the KDP Asayish at the entrance to Hewler 8 days ago. It was learned that Çiftçi was held in Gişti Public Security in Hewler.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) member Musa Çiftçi, who has been living in Sulaymaniyah for 6 years, was detained by Asayish (Internal Security Forces) affiliated to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) 8 days ago while he was going to the city to pick up his family in Hewler.

Musa Çiftçi, a native of Hakkari, had to immigrate to South Kurdistan about 6 years ago for political reasons. While the farmer was on his way to Hewler to bring his family to Sulaymaniyah, where he lived, he was detained by the KDP Public Security in Sheqlawa.

It has now been learned that Çiftçi, who has not been heard from for 8 days, is being held in Gişti Public Security in Hewler. According to the information received, Çitçi will be detained for another 15 days.

Worried for his safety

Musa Çiftçi's wife, Hüsna Çiftçi, said that her husband had been in custody for 8 days and they had not heard from him since.

Stating that her husband is a political refugee, Çiftçi said: “My husband has been living here for 6 years. He was detained 8 days ago without any reason. We haven't heard any news for days. They say nothing to us about his situation. We fear for his safety. Why are they holding him for days without any reason? We learned that he was held in the Gishti Public Order in Hewler. My husband must be released as soon as possible.”

HDP representatives in Sulaymaniyah stated that Çiftçi was accepted as a political refugee in South Kurdistan, but the UN said they could do nothing about his situation.