‘South Kurdistan people should expose the KDP’s policies’

Kurdish politicians in Rojava condemned the collaboration of the KDP with the Turkish state and called on South Kurdistan people to expose the KDP policies.

South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), which cooperates with the Turkish state in its invasion attacks against Medya Defense Zones, positions itself against the guerrilla forces. Such an attitude is not new in the history of the KDP, which is full of betrayal against the Kurdish people.

‘KDP represents betrayal’

Speaking to ANHA, Kurdish politicians in Rojava expressed their criticism to the betraying and collaborating stance of the KDP and stated that they never accept pro-invasion attitudes.

Mihemed Ehmed, chair of the Kurdistan Republican Party Heseke Bureau, said, “Through spying activities, the KDP betrays the Kurds and seeks to fight against the Kurdistan Liberation Movement. This attitude reveals its immoral perspective against the people of Kurdistan.”

Stressing that the KDP betrayed the Kurdish people, especially those in South Kurdistan, by supporting the Turkish invasion, Ehmed added, “This betrayal will bring about unfavorable consequences.”

Addressing the people of South Kurdistan, Ehmed said, “Do not allow the achievements made through a selfless struggle to be eliminated due to the vicious policies of Masoud Barzani and the KDP.”

‘KDP adopts anti-Kurd policies’

Ebdulxeni Oso, a member of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), remarked that the KDP imports its political perspective from outside and does not seek to serve the Kurdish people.

Oso said, “We all know that the KDP collaborates with the enemies of Kurdish people. Kurdish people experience further massacres and violations of rights every day. The KDP maintains its relations that base on the invasion of Kurdistan and a Kurdish genocide.”

‘With Turkish support, KDP forms militia force against the guerrilla’

Mentioning the KDP’s role in Turkey’s attacks against Medya Defense Zones, Ebdulxeni Oso said, “Special militia units formed under the KDP are also trained by the Turkish state to fight against the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) in Medya Defense Zones.”

The Kurdish politicians called on the political parties in South Kurdistan to expose the vicious policies of the KDP.